"...Working with Theresa has enabled me to make changes in my life that, up until now seemed like an impossibility.  I can now think more clearly and work my way out of the incessant panic or worrisome thoughts that so often controlled my life. Things just seem easier and more manageable....

 She also has a way of engaging me in active listening (maybe it’s that adorable, Zen-like voice of hers:) and to trust that she truly has my best interest in mind. She is extremely intuitive and always ‘hits the nail on the head’ with her coaching abilities.

 When talking with Theresa, I feel a calmness come over me and I believe it’s because she is a beautiful soul with a mission to empower others." - Grace Jones, Burbank, CA


"...I recommend Theresa for her insight, compassion, intuitiveness and listening skills. She has helped me in the past and I know she helps others as well!" - Paula Caputo, Staten Island, NY

"...To create this testimonial, I had to measure out the expanded idea of whom I had become under the partnership with Theresa.  At best, the challenge is to formulate limiting words that express unlimited joy. All areas of my life are changed. A family perceived as broken to a unit that is fluid, fully expressed, and the wholeness larger than its parts. This truly is an unexpected outcome as I re-discovered my passion, where a missing component was restored, and waking each morning propelled with elation that I live a creative life full of bounty and beauty."   Andrea Clark, San Diego, CA

creative outlet in which to re-focus our energies.  Through Theresa’s sincere guidance and words of encouragement, I am making positive changes in my life that I never thought possible.  I would highly recommend Theresa’s work to anybody searching for clarity, because she’s not only intuitive and insightful when it comes to her clients’ needs and hopes, but she truly cares about their well-being, and strives to help them reach their fullest potential."   Janyce Paglio, Staten Island, NY

My first experience with a life coach was over 15 years ago and short lived. After working with Theresa I know why. She is such an easy person to feel comfortable with and very quickly earned my trust. While Theresa’s approach is very clear and organized, she also values what is on my mind in the moment.  She’s a good, honest and caring individual who has opened my eyes to myself…. I highly recommend Theresa to anyone who is willing to truly open up their feelings to her because she has all the tools necessary to make a difference in your life. - Dominick Lombardi, Staten Island

"...I had never really put much thought into Life Coaching until I met Theresa. We started our journey together, and I’m so thankful we did! I was searching for someone to walk with me through my day-to-day struggles with anxiety and worry, and Theresa was there to provide me with clarity.  She encouraged me to reawaken a dream I had since I was young – painting, and she opened my eyes to the fact that those of us with anxious thoughts and stressful days need a 

"...Theresa blends her compassion and life experiences to assist a person to deal with a situation in small, manageable pieces rather than a large complicated problem.  Theresa's coaching is a gift to be shared." - Maryann DeSapio, Staten Island, NY

"I lost over 170 pounds naturally in just one year and improved my health.  From the start, I knew coach Theresa was a special person and with her help I went from an ill, depressed fellow who needed help to a healthy, happy-go-lucky fellow.  Today, I am inspired to help others who are in my shoes" - Giuseppe Mastropaolo